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Our values

'Be firm in character and purpose.'

Make decisions quickly and confidently by knowing who you are and the mission you serve.

'Lead through service.'

Commit to doing what is best for others. Clients and team members will follow you if they know you want what is in their best interest.

'Be precise in your speech.'

Say what you mean, mean what you say, and honor your word. Speak ideas into existence and harness the power of your voice.

'Have the freedom to be yourself.'

Being who you are is the greatest gift you can give the world. Put yourself in environments and relationships where you are encouraged to exist authentically.

'Seek constant progress.'

Maintain the highest aim imaginable and commit to improving 1% each day.

Meet the Decidedly Wealth Management Team

Sanger D. Smith,<br/>BFA&#8482;, APMA&#174;, CEPA&#8482;<br/><span></span>

Sanger D. Smith,

Financial Advisor and Founder

Sanger is driven by a passion for helping family business owners and operators make smart financial decisions that align with their values. Growing up with a financial advisor father, Sanger's fascination with decision-making began early on, even as he navigated some of his own youthful misadventures, like spending a year's worth of allowance on a skateboard he couldn't ride.

In his professional journey, Sanger has experienced every facet of a family business lifecycle. He's been part of family business as a non-owner, he's been an owner, and he's even sold a family business. This comprehensive experience enables him to deeply relate to his clients, understanding their unique challenges at every stage in their family business journey.

After spending 10 years at his father's firm and then taking over as owner for another four years, Sanger founded Decidedly Wealth in 2022. His mission was clear: to focus on family businesses and build long-term relationships that support them through various phases of ownership.

Sanger believes in guiding clients on how to live a life that reflects their values, today, tomorrow, and even after they are gone. 

He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Agricultural Economics and is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. Sanger jokes that he chose his major because it was listed first alphabetically, only to discover that Texas A&M had a Financial Planning program in the same department.

Today, as a financial advisor, Sanger dedicates his life to helping others navigate the complex world of money decisions while infusing his practice with the same lightheartedness and humility that defined his journey.

With his extensive experience, unique perspective, and genuine commitment to his clients, Sanger leads Decidedly with a clear vision, helping ensure that family business owners find the financial significance and personal fulfillment they deserve.

Dori Stone<br/>

Dori Stone

Client Service Specialist and Operations Director

Dori chose to join the Decidedly team because she truly believes in the company's commitment to strong character, cultivating close relationships with clients, and upholding a positive work environment rooted in Christian values. Her career has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences, including working in two different family-owned financial services companies, giving her a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs that our clients may encounter.

With over a decade of experience in client service, marketing, and coaching roles for private wealth advisors, Dori has developed a deep understanding of the financial industry. Her 14 years of management and supervision in a small loan company further equipped her with invaluable skills, making her a vital asset to the Decidedly team.

At her core, Dori is a loving wife to Rick and a proud mother of nine children. This nurturing spirit spills over into her professional life, where she is known for her supportive nature, problem-solving abilities, and mentorship to both colleagues and clients.

When she's not busy helping clients achieve their financial goals, Dori enjoys spending quality time with her family, tending to her garden, immersing herself in literature, and experiencing the joy of live music.

As a compassionate and dedicated member of the Decidedly team, Dori is excited to offer you her expertise and unwavering support, ensuring your financial success and personal well-being.


Wyatt Sharpe

Financial Planning Associate

Wyatt has always had an innate drive to understand the world and find out the best way of living in it. Curiosity is hardwired in his psyche. He enjoys seeking to understand some of the most important aspects of life in order to master them, and then sharing and teaching those things to others. Learning about the practice of financial planning and advising peaked his curiosity due to the serious and important nature of money. Seeing that he could seek understanding and use that understanding to help others with such a complex and important topic as wealth creation was interesting to him. 

He loves to learn, but his love doesn't stop there. Teaching what he learns and sharing what he believes is important, is a larger driver of why he is in the people business. That is the very essence of what financial planning and wealth management is. People will assume he is just good at numbers being in Finance, which isn't necessarily false, but it's not the reason he embarked on learning the craft of financial advising.

From day one, he understood that life is deeply personal to each and every person on this planet and how each one of us uses our money is deeply personal as well. He respects and truly believes in the value-oriented focus Decidedly has, and its relationship to seeking significance and not success. Success is transient and worldly, whereas significance denotes the pursuit of some higher ideal and mission and he believes that is what God calls each and every one of us to do.

Financial advising is about more than maximizing returns or minimizing the risk of investments. It is about understanding each and every person we work with and then connecting their values and purpose with their use of their money, time and all other resources. 

Morgan McKittrick<br/>

Morgan McKittrick

Client Service Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Morgan's journey in the financial industry is driven by her core values of health, authenticity, and family. As a key member of the Decidedly team, she brings a genuine passion for improving the lives of others - not just financially, but holistically.

Before joining Decidedly, Morgan honed her skills in various roles in several family businesses, including managing both front and back of house at a restaurant, and later as an administrative assistant and marketing manager at Clearfork Wealth Management. These experiences not only equipped her with the expertise to excel in her current role, but also enhances her understanding of the intricate dynamics of family businesses.

What sets Morgan apart is her ability to create meaningful connections. Her friendly and energetic personality, combined with her dedication to understanding clients' needs, allows her to foster strong relationships with clients.

Outside of work, Morgan's commitment to health and wellness extends to her personal life. She enjoys attending group fitness classes and exploring the great outdoors with her family. Morgan also has a heart for giving back to her community, serving as a birth doula and a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer for children in foster care.

As a valuable member of the Decidedly team, Morgan is excited to help you and your family business thrive in every aspect. Her unwavering dedication and genuine approach will make her an essential partner in your financial journey.